Monday, March 21, 2011


More on yesterday's day trip to Alexandria later, but I'd just like to leave you all with this image.  This will for SURE make you sleep easy, PopTart:
One of the many, many tanks I've seen in Egypt, but the first I have posed in front of. 
I particularly liked noticing that the writing on the tank is all in English...generally indicating American made.
Well done Team America.
 The other best part of this endeavor?
Becky and I became an Egyptian tourist opportunity.  Seriously.  There are more pictures, but this is my favorite, solely because you see me smiling awkwardly, not touching the dude who wanted his picture, which I would like to point out, is being taken by the lady in his life.  I tried to take their picture together, but they were having none of it.  Additionally, Becky being like "Oh snap.  We need to walk away before anyone else catches on.  But really, the best part?  Looking back and realizing I was wearing red white and blue.  Self high five. 

In which the American tourist become a tourist attraction themselves.


Lisa said...

so meta!

test said...

Nice tank! I forgot how confusing Arabic numbers are. Dot is zero? Zero is five?? Seven is six and backwards seven is two??? Hope you're having an awesome time!

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