Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cairo is calling!

You guys. 
True story: I bought a ticket to visit a lovely high school friend in Cairo in December after much hemming and hawing and near purchases and near purchase panic attacks.  Plane tickets to Africa are expensive, yo!  As I'm sure those of you not living under a rock are aware of, some pretty serious stuff went down in Egypt in January and February, which led to my friend being evacuated, things looking like they could go really sour, my discovery that travel insurance doesn't cover acts of war or civil unrest (but yet it covers injury evacuation and death...kind of counterproductive, no?), and my fleeting hope that things would get better.  And get better they did!  The Egyptian people prevailed and my friend was able to return from her extended stay in Istanbul.
Thusly, I am traveling to Egypt today!

I am assured that it is safe and I'm very excited to meet Egyptians and be there so soon after everything happened!  To assuage my father (and siblings) who believes that I will wind up disappearing for thirty years, only to be found in a Bedouin tent in the dessert, having been sold into white slavery and Stockholm syndrome and thinking burkas are fabulous ideas (which, honestly, after packing for a sometimes blazingly hot, sometimes chilly, fairly observant Muslim country, I can see the appeal in), I am going to attempt to post to my blog daily.  
Don't worry PopStar.  I'll at least make sure you get a really fast camel for my dowry.
I will be using my new phone, excitement!  Hopefully I will learn how to use the punctuation so you don't all think I've become stoopid on my spring break.
With t-15 minutes, I am ready to go!

I have packed my bag:
Incidentally, I just got this because I will need it for the summer.  This is my test run, and I can already tell you that I hatttttte it already.  The librarian in me wants to die for lack of organizational options.  The fashionista doubly wants to die for fear of wrinkling!

I have had an unintentionally excellent meal:
 A Revolutionary Pizza for a trip to a Revolutionary country!

And finally, to insure that I want to throw up on the airplane, I have consume one extremely delicious ice cream sundae on this slightly overcast Sunday!
Okay, I totally tried but couldn't finish it.  FAIL.

Hasta Luego

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