Monday, March 7, 2011

A Classic Case of the Terribles: Tiny Redcoats

It is rare that things are both unbearably cute and totally messed up.  I like to call this mishappenstance (it's a word now, punks) a case of the terribles.  
I think the following qualifies:  Boston tots are reinacting the Boston Massacre, complete with fake foam snowballs, pistol-whippings via musket, and you know, the inevitable massacre from whence the name came. Nothing says field trip like a good massacre reinactment!
How can you resist tiniest little redcoat drummer ever?  I bet if our colonial masters had looked like this, we would not have thrown our tea party in the nursery, not the harbor. 
Tsk, tsk, England.  Classic rookie miscalculation while you were powdering your wigs and marmalading your toast.  Next time, colonize with kindergarteners. 

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