Friday, March 18, 2011

Typos make my day.

No photos today; I spent yesterday at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, where your camera is confiscated at the door.  Because they take such good care of the antiquities there...sarcasm.  I mean, they do.  They are in a museum, there are guards, people were cleaning reliefs and things.  But the museum is not exactly on the standards of more westernized museums; we'll call it a little rag tag.  It's a little confusing to navigate and there are very few signs up about the multitude, and I mean multitude (the rooms are stuffed to the brim with antiquities) of items on display.  There are some super cool things there; I was a big fan of the animal mummies.  But as per, the emphasis seems to be on the gold coated things, not the every day cool things like mummification tools and make up equipment.  However, it is still really, really cool, and you could seriously spend all day there and not see everything; I kind of gave up midway through the top floor because I got tired of dead things. 

The other crazy thing about the museum is that it is directly below the burned out National Party buildings.  I knew they were close, but I didn't realize they were THAT CLOSE.  I actually gasped when I left the museum because it was directly above my head and the exit.  Those protesters weren't messing around!
Becky and I also attended the British Cultural Association or whatever they call themselves (seriously, they are mostly American) St. Patty's Day party, which amused me because...well, Britain and Ireland have such a notoriously loving relationship.  Twas fun!

But the best part of the day?  The two awesome typos I spotted that I wasn't able to take pictures of. 
The first:  in the museum, there is a relief of a king and a queen playing with their daughters.  The sign tells me about how "they are fondling their young daughters."  Don't they know I'm a boy of 12 at heart?  The second:  at our awesome dinner of Egyptian pizza (a calzone-like thing made w/filo), the menu offered me a tasty side dish of "Homoes."  Seriously.  I am still laughing. 

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