Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Very Exciting Business!

You know how I gush about my love for Melina Marchetta a lot?  Stop reading now if you do not care or care for it.  

Okay now that we've got that out of the way, two items of VERY EXITING BUSINESS.

1.  Jellicoe Road has a movie script!  I don't know if this means it has been optioned or what (do share if you know!), but I like to think of this as promising.  It could be so cool as a movie!  All sparkly light on water and light through trees and teen angst and mystery and tree houses and drama and secrets and secret societies and boarding school...I'll just cut myself off.  Plus, it sounds like this company makes good movies.  I am filled with hope!  I love Jellicoe Road! Spotted this on YALSA's YA blog The Hub.  I'm not cool enough to have a google alert or anything of the like for Melina Marchetta.  Yet...I have one for Diana Gabaldon.  Yeah.  Judge away.

2.  I am so so so sad I cannot go to this next wonderous event:  The Teen Author Festival in NYC from March 14-19th!  It looks like such fun.  Plus, guess which awesome Australian author is going to be there?  Seriously.  I am bummed that I would have been able to go but can't as I'll be an ocean away in Egypt (yes, really.  Possibly more exciting, more on that later).  If you live in NYC, you must go for me and then tell me all about it!  You have full permission to rub it in.

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