Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Candlewick Fall-Winter 2011 Preview!

Last week I was invited to and attended the Candlewick Press Fall-Winter 2011 Preview.  Candlewick's team members were, as always, the most gracious and welcoming hosts book-lovers could hope to encounter at 8:30am on a rainy Friday morning!  As you can see in the photo below, the swag was great; I am particularly excited by the grown up sized hot pink Judy Mood sunglasses.  I'm going to rock those in public at all possible opportunities! 

Forthcoming items that I am particularly excited to see come out include:

  • I WANT MY HAT BACK, by Jon Klassen (September 2011)
    This is an adorable, wryly illustrated picture book that had me (and I suspect will have many of my 4 year old friends) at hello, what with the interactive, humorous dialogue and illustrations!  Sadly I can find no images of this one up on the interwebs anywhere, but assure you of how delightful it is! DEFINITELY check this one out.
  • King Hugo's Huge Ego, by Chris Van Dusen (July 2011)
    No illustration is available on Candlewick's website, but if you scrutinize the picture, you will be able to see exactly why this forthcoming picture book stole my heart.  How adorable is that pudgy Little Lord Fauntleroy of a king?
  • The Flint Heart, by Katherine & John Paterson (September 2011)
    This book looks so promising! Illustrated in full color by John Rocco, also known as the guy behind the beautiful Percy Jackson covers, this is the abridged version of the 1910 novel.  And let me tell you, from what I saw, it is going to be a gorgeous book.  According to Candlewick, John Patterson found an old copy of the book and is the responsible party for getting this started.  There was no ARC for this one available but, hint hint, I'd love to see one! Also, the movie rights have already been optioned!
  • Ghetto Cowboy, by G. Neri (August 2011)
    Okay, the name got me.  But then the story behind it did too!  Did you know that there is actually a real horse stable in a not so nice part of Philadelphia, Fletcher Street?  (There is also one in Brooklyn.) This book will feature black and white illustrations.  An ARC was provided, so expect a review!
  • A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness (September 2011)
    You know what?  You had me at a combo of Patrick Ness, he of the brilliant Chaos Walking books, and Siobhan Dowd, she of the beloved London Eye Mystery.  The 20+ black and white illustrations promised though?  Cherry on top of my book-lovin' sundae.  Cough, cough, Candlewick: I wouldn't mind an ARC of this one either... :)
  • Angel Burn, by L.A. Weatherly (May 2011)
    Um.  Okay.  As an avowed h8r of the YAngel craze, I might have mocked this one in my head when I saw the cover and the name.  I was totally confused as to why Candlewick would have picked it up.  And then they told me about it.  And put a copy in the swag bag, which if you will note, also has the logo on it.  I already finished it.  In two days.  So...yeah.  (Glowing) Review is forthcoming!
  • Steampunk!, edited by Kelly Link & Gavin Grant (October 2011)
    First YA steampunk anthology!  That is all you need to know!
  • The Watch that Ends the Night, by Allan Wolf (October 2011)
    Hello, gorgeous.  This book sounds like it has the potential to be incredibly cool.  April 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and yes, yes, a million times yes, the Titanic story has been DONE.  But I am convinced that this version will be fresh and unique.  It sounds almost interactive, with multiple points of view and a really cool book design.  Consider my interest piqued!
  • Dinosaur Dig, by Penny Dale (August 2011)
    Dinosaurs + construction tools = happy little boys (and girls).  And amused parents!

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