Monday, April 18, 2011

Hunger Games Tribute Board

Oh hai, Hunger Games Tribute Board on Facebook.  It's kind of exactly what I imagined it like in my  head when reading the books, which is almost creepy.  They'll presumably be adding the other tributes district by district as they are cast in a sort of reverse Hunger Gamesesque move (as in adding them in as opposed to, say, killing them off and removing them from the board).  Plus, Rue has been cast and is straight-up snatcher adorable.  Perfect! Check it out! 

PS.  Can I get an AMEN that they didn't whitewash the African-American characters?


Alexandra said...

They cast Prim this week as well. Now the only character I really care about seeing what they do with is Haymitch. Ooooh, Jeff would be so perfect.

PaperblogPrincess said...

I had a dream it was Danny Bonaduce.

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