Monday, April 4, 2011

Hungry boys

Thanks to the eagle eyes of one Ms. Hawes, I was made aware of the casting decision for Peeta and Gale in the Hunger Games movie.  I am surprised and actually delighted by the choice - as Ms. Hawes pointed out, the natural coloring for these two is in reverse.  I never even thought of Josh Hutcherson in that role, but I'll be darned if his delightfully rosy and soft cheeks are not the ones I picture on the Peeta in my minds eye.  And you know what?  Gale is fine too.  He's all angular and tall and chiseled.  With some hair dye, why not? 
Remember when I claimed that Hayley Steinfeld was the Katniss of my wildest dreams?  Well, initially I was displeased and also out of the country when it was announced, thus why you never got my two cents on this moste importante of castinge decisionse.  But then I remembered I'd seen Winter's Bone.  And pretty much...yeah.  What with the squirrel eating, poverty, tenacity, Appalachia, and kickassness of her character, I'm calling it for what it sort of was: Modern Day Katniss.  I feel pretty good about the adaptation of the Hunger Games not sucking now. 
Unless they hire the costume designer of The Fifth Element.  Then we're in for it.

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