Monday, April 11, 2011

Out of Print, but not out of awesome!

Confession: I have an online store I like to visit while occasionally lounging luxuriously around my apartment, usually wrapped in some sort of blanket apparatus filled with feathers.  Ahhh, online window shopping, how I love thee.  And how much do I love, and will you bibliophiles love Out of Print clothing?  SO MUCH!

My lovely lady friends joined forces and surprised me in November for my birthday with the Catcher in the Rye sweatshirt when my secret online window shopping lusting habits were revealed.   I retaliated by spearheading the efforts to give the oh-so-cozy looking Pride and Prejudice sweatshirt to Mrs. Collins!  Teehee, FACT: that is indeed her married name! How awesome is it in this context?

It seems like the men's shirts have more variety, but whatevs.  There's great lady stuff too, especially the new blue original Great Gatsby cover.  And the kid stuff?  Totally makes me squee.  Sidebar: how awesome would an Outsiders onesie be?  I would absolutely fight the urge to snatch a baby wearing that.  Plus, the company donates a book to kids in Africa for every item sold.  Snaps for international literacy!  However, I have one niggling, major, burning question.

Out of Print, where's your Jane Eyre shirt already?!

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