Saturday, April 2, 2011

Overnight Training

 Okay team, I'm going to power through the next few posts photo blog style, simply because I want to get the Egypt posts done and return to the fun land of regular blog life.  Thusly, I give you the photos for my overnight train ride experience to Luxor and back!  It was definitely an good experience, and I'm glad I tried it.  It's not the most quick, nor is it entirely 100% comfortable or restful, but it sure beats a regular 10 hour train ride!

Plus, it made me feel a little bit like a character in an Agatha Christie novel.  Except for the lack of murder mystery, of course.  And it was nowhere near as elegant as the Express Train of my wildest romantic dreams.  But is the hallway on the left not capable of inducing thoughts like that? (Of Agatha Christie, not murder.)

Here are the rest of the photos, photo essay style:

 Here we have the cabin, complete with chairs, curtained window, mini closet, sink, mirror, and also my junk.

 Oh look, a mirror.  See what I did there?
Also, buttons to control lights and things.  Thanks to my super stellar camera work, you can see my jacket hanging in the faux-closet in the mirror.  Also, at the very top was a loft-like compartment to store things.  Or play in.  Strangely, my prebooked cabin came without a ladder...

Fold down bunk bed! 
Pretty short bunks, so don't be a very tall person if you plan on comfortable overnight train travel. 
 Much like plane food, train food comes on a tray.  The meal consists of some beef, some fried chicken, some surprisingly flavorful white rice, a salad, an orange, and get this, a BOSTON CREME DONUT.  Yep.  Travel a million miles from home, but it still comes with you!

Dear Train Chef,
How dare you not include more butter, sugar, and starch in one breakfast meal?  My arteries were not sufficiently clogged by this meal.  Try harder next time.

 A dawn view of the Luxor countryside from my cabin.
 Ugh, how dare you be so ugly, dawn view of lush bucolic Egypt?

And now you all know what it is like to travel on an overnight train. 

(Please note that I have left off mention of bathroom facilities.  Let's just say there is TP provided, a locking door, a toilet, and that it could be worse. But lordy lordy.  Hold your nose and onto something, because the shake rattle and rolling? Yeah. We'll leave it at that).

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