Thursday, April 28, 2011

PrE-views! Patrick Ness' A Monster Calls

Oh, fine, ENGLAND.  Have yourselves a merry little holiday tomorrow while America wakes up early at ungodly hours and fantasizes about spiking our tea as we watch the royal wedding.  But we can't! Because we're a workaholic nation of workaholics! That's cold.  But you know what really hurts? 

A Monster Calls drops on Cinco de Mayo across the pond.

It doesn't drop here until SEPTEMBER.  Single tear.


But you know what slightly, kind of, maybe, not really but whatever, makes up for it?

The Guardian has a preview of a few pages up!  Yay!  Delight in the magic of Patrick Ness!
But seriously, SEPTEMBER?  England, I will glower over my margarita in your general direction on 5/5/2011!

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