Friday, April 22, 2011

The Royal Overload: Knit One, Hurl Twice!

Unless you happen to live under a bridge because you are a troll in a Jan Brett book, it is likely that you are fully aware that a certain English prince is getting married to a (GASP) common broad in a week.  But let's be honest, I bet even trolls know about it.  Their faces are (if I may use an Englishism) bloody everywhere!  However, I found perhaps my favorite Case of the (Royal Wedding) Terribles while browsing at my local bookstore over the weekend.  

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding

Yes, guys.  
Your eyes do not lie.
You too can knit your very own royal wedding dolls (and corgis!)!
Play along with your voodoo royal dolls as the real wedding unfolds!
Nobody will think you are creepy at all!

No way this isn't going to wind up on Regretsy

PS.  Dibs on Prince Harry.

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