Thursday, April 7, 2011


Two tidbits for you today:
  • Having spent a goodly amount of time in airports over the past month, I would really have appreciated the free library services Taiwan International Airport is offering!  How cool is that?
  • I am as yet still undecided about flash mobs.  As in, whether or not I want to witness one or partake in one.  Sadly, this one is probably too far away, but sounds like it'll be really fun if you happen to be in Western MA this Sunday... (from an email via the MASSYAC list-serv):
    Listen up crazy librarians and library supporters -
    The time has come to commit to our unorthodox,  effective and fun PR event for
    National Library Week!

    Holyoke Mall @ 4:15pm

    We will be meeting at 3:40pm in the parking lot next to Pier 1 (before you get to the mall parking)

    Bring your friends, neighbors, staff, kids, students and anyone else that can stand still for 5 minutes. Forward this to anyone you think might be interested
    Also bring:
    1. a library book
    2. a great idea for your frozen reading pose
    3. If you have one, a cell phone with an alarm

    Still wondering what it looks like? See: and picture it with books

    If you are planning on joining us – reply to this email or email and let us know how many you are bringing.

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