Saturday, May 7, 2011

Indiana Pacers promote children's literacy and make my Saturday

In all seriousness, I think the fact that the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library is working with the Pacers by having the players record children's books to promote children's literacy (the Call a Pacer Program) is a genius idea.  I remember calling my own public library as a kid to hear the weekly prerecorded story.  I think my head would have exploded if say, Larry Bird had read me Are You My Mother?.  Well played, Pacers, Pacers PR people, and well played Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library!

End seriousness.

Deadspin kind of ruined this beautiful moment for me with their video mashup.  Which led me to spend far too long listening to the players recorded versions of the story. I think it goes without saying that not everyone is as talented at story hour delivery as most children's librarians.  Then again, I played basketball for 6 years and didn't make a basket until the last one, so who am I to judge a basketball players storytime reading prowess?  HOWEVER.  I've very scientifically concluded the following:

Tyler Hansbrough reading Rebecca and Ed Emberly's Chicken Little for the breathy, somewhat gargled  win with his unintentionally hilarious and breathless delivery of the line "'OH MY GOODNESS, OH MY GRACIOUS,' gasped Chicken Little, who was now quite out of breath"(just shy of 3/4 of the way in).  And I flippin' LOVE Let Me Drive the Bus, so that's sayin' somethin...

This got me thinking, readers.

Of any sports player ever, who would you want to read you a bedtime story, and what would the book be? 


PaperblogPrincess said...

Totally like me to pose a question and forget to answer it. I'm going with Kevin Mchale, Strega Nona.

PaperblogPrincess said...

NO WAIT. Redact the above. MUCH better idea.

Mike Tyson, I'm Bad, by Kate Mcmullen.

I know, right?

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