Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tidbits: Drew Barrymore gets Uncommon while I reveal a secret shame and a hankering for ancient beer

  • Sparkling Witt: Becky and Jeff are super, and not just because they love to eat my Le Creuset experiments!  Becky is blogging about their current adventures (like learning to say baking soda) in Finland and it is faaantastic.  Bonus points: visit
Food Porn:
  •  The Beer Archaeologist: this. is. so. cool.  Indiana Jones of BEER!  I read this while waiting to get a typhoid, yes, typhoid shot at 10am.  And wasn't disgusted by my craving for beer.  I dare you to read this and deem it not cool.  Or crave ancient beer!
Secret Shame:
  • I don't like to talk about it (much).  BUT.  The Vampire Diaries is my secret favorite show that I get overly excited to watch. Don't judge me!  Or do, because according to this article, I have EXCELLENT taste.  It's delightfully crazytown, they're not afraid to kill people off, and Damon, oh me, you will never get bored of this crazy parade. 

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