Monday, August 29, 2011

Everyone FREAK OUT for real now: Hunger Games sneak peek part 2

Heeeeeeeereeeee's Katniss!  See?  I didn't even need to watch the VMAs.  In fact,  I didn't even need to do anything but look further than my email inbox this morning to find that a certain friend in North Carolina (ahem, where the movie is being filmed) had kindly already done the leg work (or finger work, this is the internets after all) and sent me the link. 

My deep thoughts on this 15 second tease:
  •  Jennifer Lawrence has some crazy brown smoky eyes going on.   At first I thought she had pinkeye and was all "why would they make her do this sick?", but then I realized that some make up artist had had at her for this big movie promotional moment, and that it was brown, not pink, ala pinkeye.  And that I possibly need another cup of coffee.  It looks nothing like her.  Is that what fancy Katniss looks like? 
  • Are they dressing the tributes in trash bags?
  • Will those hunting/fashion boots become fashion or are they ALREADY fashion?
  • Katniss hair: Prom 2012?
  • As a Peetafangirl, I'm slightly disappointed that it seems all we hear is from Gale, and that we can barely hear it.  Whateverrrr. I'm probably totally wrong.  Whoever it is is right though; we do just want a good show.  Bake me some rolls baker boy!
  • May the odds be ever in my favor indeed on March 23, 2012!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Everyone FREAK OUT: Hunger Games sneak peak

Okay, count on me to be the insolent teenager and point out that the following is a wee tad ironic, as it contains a sneak peek (barely, but isn't that what a peek is?) as a promo for another sneak peek.  
Of the Hunger Games movie.  FREAK OUT YOU GUYS!  
It's coming to your TV screen, courtesy of MTV, courtesy of their MTV VMAs, which I probably haven't watched since 2002!  And probably can't watch, thanks to my good friend Hurricane Irene, coming to town this Sunday.  That's why I keep you around, Internets. 

The Name of the Star, by Maureen Johnson

The Name of the Star (Shades of London)The Name of the Star
by Maureen Johnson
New York: Putnam Juvenile
ARC reviewed; publishing date 9/29/11 
Rory Deveaux is spending her senior year at a posh London boarding school in this supernatural series from Maureen Johnson.  If adapting to a new boarding school and country isn’t hard enough, someone is precisely reinacting all the Jack the Ripper murders, down to the date, time, and method, and modern-day London is hooked.  Sneaking out with her roommate to another dorm, Rory becomes the only witness to have seen and talked to the prime suspect, despite not having been alone at the time.  With a romantic prospect and new friendships on the horizon, the last thing Rory needs is to be seeing people that aren’t there.  Is Rory going crazy?  Who is the modern-day Ripper? And more importantly, is he coming for her next?   Fans of Johnson will not be disappointed.  While there is some drinking in this book (legal in the UK), it is filled with great historical details about the original crimes.  More importantly, it serves as a thoughtful look at modern media sensationalism.  This is an imaginative and fun thriller, best suited for high school aged teens. 

Book Talk Hook:  Read the original facts of the case “On the X of September, 18XX, so and so was brutally murdered etc. On the X of October,  ditto, etc. etc.  The most famous unsolved crime ever was committed and the legend of Jack the Ripper was born.  On the X of September, 2011 , so and so was brutally murdered etc.”  Then give a tiny summary of the book.  The facts of the case really do the selling for you.  Methinks you won’t have to do too much convincing, especially for Johnson fans.

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