Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tidbits: A Tidbits turned 2011 pseudo-Holiday Gift Guide

  •  YAMatters: This kind of cuts to the heart of the debate about the YA publishing boom (minus the whole e-Side of things).  He's right, what matters is not that it's here, it's that it's pervasive enough that we can't help but think and talk about it.  Keep being disruptive, YA! 
  •  Map of the Jellicoe Road:  It's been a while since I fawned over Melina Marchetta.  It's like she missed me.  She missed me so much that she put this gorgeous map of the Jellicoe Road boundaries up on her website.  I missed you too!  Good thing Froi of the Exiles arrived today from the fantastic Candlewick Press!
  • Library Bar, London:  AKA where I'm gettin' a gimlet and washing it down with a scone with Mrs. Gav's Book Reviews next time I'm in London. 
And then it turned into a mini-gift guide:
  •  For Chimney Corners girls:  While she might put our morning activity efforts to shame (seriously, she's totally the cabin overachiever), someone should tell this lady that they are actually called Gnome Homes.  Get it right!  This is also a great Christmas gift for my mom, who I'm 99% certain does not read this blog; she'll act surprised and delighted even if I'm 1% wrong.
  • For NZ Kids (real and at heart):  I crazy want Poo Bum.  Not actually, because gross.  But seriously, I dare you to whisper it three times quickly and not snicker.  Now you want it too!  American publishers, get on this already.  
  • A holiday gift idea for your favorite crabby librarian:  Or me, on draggy Tuesday afternoons.  Seriously.   I want this so I don't even have to speak.  I can just POINT.  Go bother someone else, kids!
  • Or for your other favorite crabby librarian:  Still me.  It is possible I need a snack.
  • Or for your other, other favorite crabby librarian (or really cool small child):  Anything at Out of Print.  I'm still crossing my fingers that one magical day their kids book kids t-shirts come in adult sizes...DO IT.  
  • Or for your other, other, other favorite crabby librarian:  It's a gift for the eyeballs!  You're welcome, library nerds who have been away from the internet for days and thusly missed this one!  There's a Ryan Gosling stocking stuffer joke in there, but I'm much of a lady to make it.  
  • Tis the season to be giving! Literarily, of course.  If you want to donate to a charitable but literary cause here are two great charities that would love your support this season:
    • San Juan del Sur Biblioteca: Awesome, amazing, wonderful grassroots library system in Nicaragua.  Te lo prometo.  Remember when I posted about it? Last week?
    • More Than Words:  Donate!  Or shop!  This fantastic organization will not only take away your old books, but is staffed and run by at-risk youth.  They just opened a second location in South Boston! 

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