Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tibits: Fishing without bait, evil girl scout geniuses, Nook (is not a dirty word), books as art, etc.

  • Oh hey you guys. A super cute picture of the Perks of Being a Wallflower Christmas party scene.  Sure they look cute and all.  Sure, fashion today kind of mirrors that of when the book is set.  BUT.  I hope they still give each other mix tapes!
This house looks suspiciously modern.
  • Downton is (almost) BACK!  Which means my crush on myself is totally making sense after taking the Downton Abbey Quiz.   I'm Matthew Crawley.  Ladies, ladies, calm down.  There's enough of me to go around!  If you need a refresher, the FYA one is highly amusing.  It is the only thing I've ever seen in favor of Lady Edith, who, as a review I read yesterday alleges, "continues to fish without bait."  Oooh Lady Edith!  Incidentally, I'm looking pretty good in the picture used for that review.
  • Nook for sale?: I know this sounds dirty.  But get your mind out of the gutter for just one second and we can discuss seriousness.  Is it just me or does this article contradict itself?  All I took from it was that Nook is doing okay, so they want to sell it.  What? 
  • Carved Book Landscapes: These are SO COOL, also gorgeous.  I want them to be on display somewhere nearby so I can actually get up close and ogle them.  
  • My first thought on seeing this piece on Christopher Paolini's house: did Christopher Paolini start lifting?  My second thought: when did he become older than me?
  • Those little Girl Scout minx's are tempting me with their goodies again.  I'm totally going to buy me some Savannah Smiles.

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Lisa said...

please let it be tomorrow evening!!! i'm all set to oggle.

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