Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tidbits: "What do they expect us to do? Go to the...library?"

  • Salon has a piece about what the Occupy movement can learn from The Hunger Games.  WELL.  Sorry to be your Debby Downer, liberals and nonliberals alike.  Because frankly, I was intrigued.  But then kind of displeased.  This is a swiss cheese piece: full of holes.  I stopped giving much credence to this as anything other than a post designed to get a lot of hits and spoil a lot of books without warning when I read the following:
    Collins’ heroine, Katniss Everdeen, is an independent and even ornery 16-year-old who saves her younger sister by volunteering for, and then winning, a telecasted fight-to-the-death competition. Though her feats of derring-do have elements of escapist fantasy, her ultimate goal isn’t to win the Games, but to avoid exploitation: She wants to circumvent the rules and figure out a way to shut down the games for good.
    I'm sorry.  Did we read the same Hunger Games? You know, the one where Katniss had to have her act of major insubordination with the deathberries explained to her as such and then didn't get on board until 372 of 398 in Mockingjay, also known as the last book (yeah, I looked)?  Plus, now I'm going to have to work really hard on forgetting the plot of Matched and like...six other books.  Which might not be as hard as I think, because adult books take forever to read (looking at you, The Count of Monte Cristo), and people don't live forever!
  • Probably you have seen this mesmerizing video in a number of other places, because I've been hoarding these up while for nigh on two weeks now.  Whoops!  Enjoy the joy of books, which has me convinced I should line up my books by which ones would be good friends based on the premise that this actually happens when I leave the house in the am:
  • BUT OF COURSE.  The publishing industry is honing in on Downton Abbey's success!  (I'm totally nodding at a certain August pick on my 2012 Dinner Train classic book resolution, then, so who am I to judge, really?).  Also Lady Mary and Lady Grantham in concert?  Bring it. 
  • Double bring it, fitnerds.  NPR has an ultimate workout mix that I'm totally going to be streaming this weekend when I get my Monte Cristo cookfest on!   
  • Oh hey, John Stewart.  Thanks for backhanded library high five (about 1:10)!  You know you want a library card, even if you do have to hang out with...riff raff.  We're like Wikipedia in 3D, with slightly more verifiable facts a higher percentage of the time! PLUS, we have books, movies, brains, and we're happy to check you out.  BOOM.

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