Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dinner Train: Anne of Green Gables - Green Gobbles Salad

Anne of Green Gables Green Gobbles Salad
Maybe no salads appeared in this book.  But a salad did appear on my table, because when you're using "Green" as a guide to menu planning, you kind of have to.  Now, salad is...not hard to make.  There are, however, salads that are better than other salads.  Some people just know how to make a damn good salad.  One of these individuals is the Witt behind Sparkling Witt.  My salad guru swears by the following simple unbreakable requirements for salad:  color, crunch, and cheese. 
She writes:
Something colorful, something crunchy, and some cheese. Boom. 

I guess some other rules I have are: (1) if the salad is the whole meal, add some protein like hardboiled egg or chickpeas (2) ALWAYS TOAST YOUR NUTS (har) (3) Don't feel like you have to add tons of different ingredients -- keep it simple. and (4) Try to stick to a region of the world as a theme: so like Middle Eastern = tahini/lemon dressing with chickpeas & roasted squash; Mediterranean = olives, tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette, etc.

I should write a book. Maybe just a pamphlet.
I want this pamphlet.  Or really, just one of her salads!

My salad included the following:

- Roasted Asparagus
- Grape Tomatoes
- Walnuts
- Avocado
- Cucumber 
- Baby Spinach
- Watercress
- Goat Cheese crumbles (DIY on the side)

I washed these things, roasted and cooled the appropriate ones, and put them in a bowl.  It was really hard.  I needed to sit down afterwards.  Sarcasm.  Seriously, salad is EASY. 

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