Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dinner Train: Anne of Green Gables - Lake of the Shining Watercress Sandwiches

Anne of Green Gables Lake of the Shining Watercress Sandwich assembly line
Anne is onto something: tea IS great!  (More on that next month in (Middle)March).  One of the best parts? Miniature sandwiches!  Being a freaky and precocious kid, I was really into watercress as a kid.  Watercress and liverwurst.  I still, to this day, have no idea how my mother humored me while keeping a straight face that her 7 year-old daughter was in fact a fusty old British man.  Since I have since come to terms with the fact that liverwurst is the worst, and because I'm eating vegetarian this month, AND all my guests are vegetarians too, AND amongst us are some tricksy diary allergies, I felt a simple watercress and cucumber sandwich would suit everyone.  But there was one problem: I couldn't use butter.  Or cheese.  WHAT TO DO?  My friends, my new best friend is tofutti cream cheese.  I used the one with garlic and chives to add some additional flavor to the sammies.  I also left the crust on, because that's why Jay-zeus gave us teeth (also, I am lazy).  Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of just the mountain of sandwiches I created. This recipe is highly adaptable, and you can make as many or as little of these bad boys as you want.  I went until I ran out of fake cream cheese, about 7-8 sandwiches.   I found they stuck together best when I spread the fake cream cheese on both sides of bread like glue.  You can cut and serve them any which way you want; I chose to quarter them.  Enjoy them with tea, rascherry cordial, and bosom friends.  And obviously raised pinkies.

Lake of the Shining Watercress Sandwiches
Anne of Green Gables Lake of the Shining Watercress Sandwiches

1 loaf sliced sandwich bread
1 peeled and sliced English cucumber (thin, but not paper thin; you want some crunch)
1 bunch washed watercress leaves (remove most of stem)
1 container tofutti cream cheese

1.  Assemble your sandwich making assembly line.
2.  Spread a thin but generous layer of fake cream cheese over both sides of your bread.
3.  Stick some watercress to one piece; put some cucumber slices over this.  Place your other slice of bread on it, like a hat.  I mean...you've made a sandwich before...right?
4.  Cut into quarters.
5.  Repeat until you have enough or run out of ingredients.
6.  Put them on a nice plate, serve immediately or chill, covered with plastic wrap for up to 8 hours (you can keep them longer, the bread will just get a wee bit stale.

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