Friday, March 23, 2012

Tidbits: I'm Hosting a 1984 workout case of the terribles.

Not too much today guys (been away from the interwebs for a week!), and frankly, I'm twiddling my thumbs for the next 24 hours until I am seated in a theatre with bagels, coffee, and Katniss.  HUNGERGAMESYOUGUYS.  Has anyone seen in yet?  THOUGHTS? Wait - don't spoil the ending!  (Kidding). 
  • Still haven't read 1984.  It's party of the Dinner Train Book Club parade, but not until November.  Cut to the quick, there's a new adaptation in the works, with Shepard Fairey as part of group that purchased the rights.  As in, he of the infamous Obama Hope poster and the Obey stickers you see everywhere, amongst many other play on propaganda works of art and legal issues stemming from fair use and image copyright questions.  Curious. 
  • Oh HEY, Hostess with the mostest. Or not.  The Host trailer (I think it's really more in the teaser family) is out.  It's...okay.  I wanted more, but I'm not disappointed. 
  • Case of the Terribles: Normally this would get it's own post, but I'm lazy today, so there.  I've been seeing things about the Hunger Games workouts all over the interwebs for a while, but the intrepid, crack team of journalists down at MTV News (I can't believe they haven't won a Pulitzer yet) actually went.  And honestly?  That's it?  There is not nearly enough blood.  This will in no way prepare me to fight 14 year old girls for a seat in the arena theatre tomorrow (that's where the hot coffee comes in). 

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