Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tidbits: Little libraries are dauntlessly fashion forward

  • Little libraries may be the cutest advancement in the housing market since the birdhouse. 
  • For those of us who still want to dress like Stacy, Claudia, Dawn, and Maryann in the Babysitters Club, Lucky Magazine UNDERSTANDS.  They have created a YA inspired fashion guide. +1 for including The Saddle Club, but -1 for those Boxcar Children inspired horrible overalls.  No, girl, no.  Other lovely books from my youth included are Nancy DrewLittle House on the Prairie, and Sweet Valley High.
  • I haven't stayed up past my bedtime (okay, my bedtime is like 10, but WHATEVER) to finish a YA book in a while.  But I did last night...Divergent.  I held off, but once I started, there was no stopping.  Thank the YAgawds the sequel drops in a few months!  And DOUBLE thank the YAgawds because a preview of Insurgent, the sequel, is available on the EW website.  This made my breakfast ohsodelightful. And then...OHO!  Fast forward to the next item, because this, my friends, is what we call a CLIFFHANGER in YA:
  • And this, friends, is what we call the SEQUEL:  Lo, just as I was thinking to myself this morning that there would totally be a Divergent faction quiz online, what do I see?  A Divergent Faction quiz*.  Thank you internet!  Please divert your attention if you are in Abnegation, because I'm about to do what is called BRAGGING:  yes, I am a Dauntless (even if I do think that, like, sky diving and face tattoos are not for moi).  And double smug, I'm totally always a Gryffindor too.    Humbleness is one of my greatest traits.  Though, I think the real question is how does one buck the system and test as divergent?  Does having this thought make me...divergent?!?
    (*You do, however, have to offer up your info for this Facebook quiz.  Which I assume is how the Erudite will control us all!)
  • Something really exciting happened to me on Valentine's Day.  No, not my student publishing a piece on the back page of the school newspaper of the eight reasons I should be his Valentine (true story, I cannot make these things up).  It may not have been romantic, but I know my favorite authorcrush was totally thinking of me on Galentine's Day when she linked to my review of her latest book on her site.  Melina Marchetta, thank YOU for being my Galentine!
  • Well hey there, potential case of the terribles: the cast of the Hunger Games is touring the malls of America, in case you had any doubts about this being an Oscar nominee.   Life, imitating art.  Do you think Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson will accidentally on purpose start a revolution?  And yet,...still really excited for the movie.

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