Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Case of the Terribles: Tak Ball

I created a lot of games involving throwing balls at my younger siblings delicate, sweet little heads or chasing them into pricker bushes as a child.  
Naturally, they have great respect for me as we've all crept into adulthood.  
My brother brought the following game, a term I'm using loosely here, to my attention.  
You know, in case I wanted to play with them again.
Ladies and Gents, here is Tak Ball:
Serious, contemplative question here: how do they keep running?  
I'm pretty sure if I got tazed, I'd need a diaper change.  
How is this even a thing?  Is it real?  I'm too afraid to search the googles.  And does Tak stand for attack?  Or tachycardia? Because the second makes way more sense.  
Why, America.  WHY?

A Middlemarch summary is on the way eventually, as are my deep deep thoughts on the merrits of hot wrapples, and hot Will Ladislaw. 

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