Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tidbits: Good vs. bad ideas by Hollywood, pr-E-views, mini-mashups

  • Queen Mary had a thing for dollhouses, and as everyone who is someone knows, no house regardless of size is complete without a library.  QM's library redefines the term pocket book, and answers a very important Zoolander question.  These dollhouse books are unbelievably cute!  And also, how did they make them so tiny?!??  Read about it at the first link, or tour the dollhouse library at this link.   [via Parathentical]
  •  Have you always harbored a secret desire to replace steal Gilbert from Anne? Hear Captain Wentworth tell you that you pierce his heart?  Rest easy, daydreamer.  You can now special order a copy of a classic book with your name, and that of your friends/family/part-time lovers in the place of the characters.  BONUS: the company also does romance novels.  Best gag gift ever?  Bonus BONUS:  Oh, snap.  They also have a category called "vampire."  I can't even...[via GalleyCat]

  • The first twentish pages of Maggie Stiefvater's newest book, Raven Boys, is up on EW for your perusal.
  • Ditto for an pr-E-view of  The Book of Blood and Shadow, by Robin Wasserman (who I met once, and who was very very nice!).
  • Bad idea by Hollywood:  Robert Pattinson as Finnick Odiar?  Please, no.   
  • Good idea by Hollywood: Oooh, I have spotted the moste curiouse tweet from Patrick Ness regarding the script for The Knife of Never Letting Go (I'm still nervous about it, even after Hunger Games didn't stink):


Xandy said...

True story - I once gave Julia a gift of a personalized romance novel featuring her and Jim from the Office. I think he was a knight...it was obviously before the days of personalized Jane Austen books, or it would have been Captain Wentworth all the way.

J. Hawes said...

What Ms. Brown says is true... I was just thinking that I have no idea where that book ended up. My guess is that it lives on at Kilsyth, its rightful home.

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