Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tidbits: Finally feeling, and smelling like a (Perky) Wallflower

It is late o'clock thanks to my hot date with Tyrion Lannister, Robb Stark, and Jon Snow, and thus, time only for two tidbits:
  • It is your dream to smell like a book?  Well call me a genie, because your wish is my command.  Okay, mine and Karl Lagerfield's...which feels a little strange to me, because I'm pretty sure I'd be afraid to bump into him in a dark closet. I'm too intrigued to call this a case of the terribles. 
  • IT'S HERE.  Finally, yeesh.  The trailer to The Perks of Being a Wallflower aired tonight on MTV, a network that once upon a time, kids, had music!  Here she blows: Deep thoughts:
    • Why did nobody tell me that PAUL FREAKIN' RUDD is playing one of the greatest teachers ever, Bill?  Words cannot do my level of thrill justice.
    • Um...Patrick?  I'm waiting to reserve judgment.  But I was a little unenthused.
    • Percy Jackson is way more good looking then the gawky awkward adorable Charlie in my head.  Truthfully, this is what I picture. 
      Yes, this is the brother from Wedding Crashers
      I KNOW. I'm sorry.  I just don't want to lie to my one reader.  Hi, Poptart.  
    • Hermione doesn't need magic to be fantastic.

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