Saturday, March 9, 2013

Travel plans and races fit for book blogging nerds

Exciting news!
In a matter of days, I will be descending upon London.  It's a quaint little English town, or so I'm told.  Maybe you've heard of it? I've actually been before, but am delighted to be heading back! I have big plans to take advantage of the hospitality of Gav & Mrs. GBR of Gav's Book Reviews, to visit the Library Bar, the British Library, a variety of museums and the Borough Market (where I also have big plans to eat everything in sight), to devour as many cream slathered scones as possible, and most importantly, to run in a race with Mr. & Mrs. GBR dressed as Waldo (of Where's Waldo fame - or change that all to Wally if you're British), to raise money for children's literacy.  That's right.  We're running the Where's Wally Fun Run on March 24th.

If they make us wear jeggings...
If you'd like to sponsor us in our ridiculousness to raise 300 pounds (approximately $450) dressed as Waldo (Wally), we'd be eternally grateful.  The fundraising information is available on our team page, where you can sponsor any of us to donate to the whole team.  For my fellow Yanks, my page is here.  We can promise amusing photos (good luck spotting us), sending good karma your way, and high fives the next time we see you.   We think children's literacy is vitally important, and we are so thankful that your donation shows your agreement and support.  It's for the kids, you guys!

In other news, my goal while in London is to do as many literary or culinary things as I can, aside from what I've listed above.  If you have any suggestions, post them in the comments or send them my way (especially if you have any thoughts on the Charles Dickens museum - or anything relating to closed underground Tube stations, pubs with insane names, cheese, things not to miss, or the best fish and chips in London).  

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