Friday, August 16, 2013

Here is what I hope Egypt will look like again, and soon.

I'm not super political, or at least generally try to keep that off the Internets (except when it qualifies for Case of the Terribles status).  But sometimes, you just need to say what is on your mind.  And as we in the 21st century do it best, I think I'll say it with pictures instead of words, and I have been feeling quite sad about the images I'm seeing and accounts I'm hearing coming out of Egypt these days.  Instead of doing a tidbits post (considering I never do it in a timely fashion, I think you'll survive), I've decided that I'm going to put up some of my favorite pictures from my March, 2010 trip to Egypt.  I was there directly after the Revolution in January, and can vouch for the kindness, happiness, and pride of the Egyptian populace in bringing democracy to their country.  You can read much more about my experience here.  

Here are some of the beautiful things I witnessed there that I hope we, and they, see again soon.  This starts with some of the most powerful images of national pride I witnessed, including the first true democratic national election:

This is the way I remember Egypt: a little girl and her father waving their flag and smiling at an Egyptian soldier working at a Cairo polling station, after her father voted freely for the first time.  March, 2010.
More images below:

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