Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Dearest readers,

I've been hoarding these links up since mid-September, because I am 2 parts monster, 1 part super busy and 1 part perhaps need to learn to say no.  I got rid of the stuff that I'm pretty sure you'd have fallen into a deep well in Siberia to have missed (Bridget Jones is back, Mark Darcy is not, JK Rowling is writing a movie set inside Harry Potterworld but prior to it.  I'd say spoilers, but whatever, the Internet took care of that weeks ago).  So, without further adieu, read on, and enjoy with your tasty Tuesday lunch.

Libraries and Design

Literacy and Literature

Movies and TV
  • I am really, really excited about Outlander being a TV series.  Here's why you should be too.  But really: KILTS.  
  • There are so many new things Divergent movie related.  Or...no longer new.  Maybe even old.  But posters!  Four!
  • I had no idea that If I Stay was already in the casting process.  Plus, can we briefly discuss The Giver adaptation?  I agree with Lois Lowry that a movie audience will probably better buy an older teen cast, but does casting older teens then turn The Giver into YA, when I firmly feel it is in the (best of all-time) Children's literature category?  Help me ponder, please, all two readers and twelve spambots who regularly follow this blog.  

And just because...
Until the next time I horrify myself by having to weed through 40 links I've hoarded up....
Truly, madly, deeply,

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