Friday, March 7, 2014


Hey guys.  Guess what?  It is still winter.  I'm starting to think that perhaps the Game of Thrones books are a little less fiction, a little more alarmingly nonfiction, about the winter coming...sigh.  Here is a big dump of stuff, because I feel a little too lazy to sort it out, and you never mind, right? RIGHT. 

  • "Alright, listen up playboy.  This book be an allegorical effort to take on all the effed up shit in society and find its origin in human nature. By watching these little white boys loose their minds, we are reminded of humanities capacity for evil and how man made moral systems be straight-up superficial." Whhhhhattt? Thug Notes on Lord of the Flies, everyone! 

     (That said, I have mixed leaning towards positive feelings about Thug Notes. But I do appreciate stick figure artwork, good natured humor, encouraging reading, and sound analysis, so...I suspect Thug Notes wins?)
  • A Monster Calls gets a movie director: I am...I guess I found this book sufficiently devastating in its power; not sure I need to see it to believe it, but do like that it could be beautiful and get a wider audience? Aka: fence.  I am on it.  
  • If you haven't heard about Hoopla yet and work in libraries, you should.  It's like Netflix for us.  And I think it's brilliant, and possibly what our future will look like if we can (I'm looking at you publishers) get our acts together.  
  • While admittedly cool, this new app to allow you to read a novel in under 90 minutes seems to kind of be missing the point of reading a novel entirely.  
  • Maybe it's just me that finds army ration packs a little bit fascinating in the actual trying to make real food happen out in the wild/on a battlefield/etc...but maybe not because the Guardian did a really cool piece about what is in ration packs from around the world. If we were going to put them in a contest to win, I think work to food ratio needs to be considered, as does what the food is...but then again, we eat very different around the planet.  Regardless, France probably wins.  Negative points for having your food wrappers look like condom wrappers.  Seriously, Spain?
  • I lovee: Eggs for breakfast. Eggs for lunch. Eggs for dinner, Eggs all DAY. .Did I mention how much I love eggs? 
  • I find this literary-inspired fashion piece charming!  

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