Sunday, August 31, 2014


A Quidditch documentary?  Welcome to my Netflix queue!

If David Levithan actually makes my dream of seeing Tiny Cooper's over the top musical live in more than just my imagination, I would vigorously high five him and then shimmy with joy.

Middle aged Harry Potter.

This compilation of beautiful photographs of places in Prague mentioned in Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone series has me very excited that it is now getting cold enough for me to make goulash, which also means it is nearly time to read Dreams of Gods and Monsters!

This Game of Thrones gone 1980's mashup could not be more spot on.

Have you ever needed a cute way to ask a John Green book lover out? Here it is.

In fabulous news, the Vista Public Library of San Diego county sucessfully challenged their patrons to check out one million items.  If they did, some of the librarians would get mohawks.  I'm slightly alarmed by the challenge at one minute.  Cool it, buddy!  

Everyone's favorite goalie (except maybe Portugal) Tim Howard has a book deal for a memoir!

As does Bruce Springsteen, but wait for it...for a children's book about a bank-robbin' baby.  Sign me up!  

You know what I love?  Summer.  And mobile libraries.  So a floating mobile library? Had me at hello.
I didn't read of this list of 13 Books We Hated in High School until I was an adult, but I can safely say that I will always hate Wuthering Heights (read it as an adult), and probably Ethan Frome (read it as a kid).  Still have to read #'s 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, and 13.  Only actually want to read 8 though...

On a more serious note, the D.C. Public Library has added a social worker to their team to help the homeless population.  I give them huge accolades for taking this step; public librarians see a lot of poverty and homelessness (libraries are free, open to the public, warm, have bathrooms, things to do, and are safe), but they aren't social workers.  It's truly heartening to see that the D.C. Public Library is being  more than technologically progressive!  
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