Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Case of the Terribles: Some Top Favorite Ways People Have Found This Blog

A long, long time ago, I started keeping a list of searches that led to people like you, reader, finding this website.  I think it's high time I shared it, in case I don't get you anything else for Christmas.  Enjoy.  I know I did!  
  1. nkotbsb shirtless
  2. i'm peeta and i know it
    - HOW? Please elaborate. 
  3. why is macaroni and cheese so good
    - A question of universal import. 
  4. macaroni and jesus recipe
    - Oh, is your macaroni holy?  Mine was (except not).     
  5. marge simpson playing a instrument
    - ?
  6. canada a land of adventure
    - It IS a land of adventure! 
  7. men scared of the truth
    - I'm scared to ask, and I'm not a man. 
  8. lebron james tidbits
    - Let's keep this clean, kids.  
  9. what is green gobbles
    - It's a tropical parasite that enters through your...wait, I think we're talking about salad.
  10. boy21 chapther 37 summery
    - Leths thum things up for thish ethasy for a book you didn't read, high sthoolers. 
  11. oregon trail game dysentary
    - YES.  YES.  YES.  
  12. dessert for raven bouys
    - But only if you anchor the boat first, Gansey.    
  13. i am hungry
    - Always.  
  14. mac+and+queso+cheese
    - I dare you to go to a Mexican restaurant and order cheese on your quesadilla.  
  15. i ate 13 chicolate kisses
    - I love you.  Also: are you my childhood dog reincarnated? If so, call me?
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