Thursday, May 21, 2015

Art Heisting + Libraries? LOVE.

GUYS.  I love a good shady Boston art heist, but this just jumped up a notch.  A library art heist?  Be still, heart.  

Two etchings whose estimated worth is $600, 000 was reported missing from the Boston Public Library.  Three weeks after they were noted as missing.  They are "hoping it has been misfiled." SHADY.

But serious party foul, BPL.  Three weeks? That seems questionable.  I'm hoping it's been misfiled in the same crawl space in my basement where I store my Vermeer.  What?? Kidding.  Or am I? 

(I mean, clearly I'm exaggerating and want the art found. I didn't know we had a Durer at the BPL!  I want to see it now!).  
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